Snocross So, I have decided to start this website off from the right foot. The first thing I would like to talk about is my favorite winter sport: snocross. now, some of you may never have heard of the sport and that’s okay. It isn’t like basketball, baseball, or football and is not as well-known of the extreme sports like skateboarding, motocross, or surfing.

So what is snocross?
Simply put, it is the most popular form of snowmobile racing. Take the basic ideas of motocross and apply them to snowmobiles and there you have it: snocross. The idea is very simple and I’m sure right now you have it in your head what it looks like and you’d be right. Others of you may be asking if this is really a sport and although it may not be found and at the Olympics, it could be found in the world’s largest extreme sports competition: X-Games.

Riders of snocross can reach speeds up to 60 mph and jumps as high as 30 feet. The tracks are artificially made tight banks and sharp corners to keep those who are on it on their toes.

Also like other extreme sports or hobbies, there are special pieces of gear that can help protect you when you participate in the sport. This is my favorite place to buy the best snocross gear and helmets.

So if you’re not too far from an area that snows in the winter and enjoying going snowmobiling why don’t you give snocross a try next time? But be aware, it can be dangerous after all it is an extreme sport and people sometimes to get hurt especially if they don’t know what they’re doing. But practice makes perfect and once you have it, you’ll find that it is highly addictive.

Here is a fun snocross video for you fine folks: